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Armonia Design and Renovation can offer a comprehensive range of standalone or fully integrated services, depending on your requirements.


House has a very important meaning. From the old years, every single person in the world treats his house in a very special way so it can express who they are. In fact your house has to be loving and protected by yourself, for your own benefits.

Your house should represent what you are, in way to express you and make you feel comfortable and obviously happy. Also it has to be very unique, as a very person in earth is unique. There should be a place and space for everything we assume important, with an arrangement and positive flows for a more energetic atmosphere. Your home should be just the way you want it to be in a way to make you relax or entertain, play or practice your culinary skills.

On one hand, some of our clients are great socialisers and party givers but on the other hand, some want peace and serenity for their home. There are many types of houses, for example modern, classic, exotic or even combination of any of the above types as you like. We consider the flow of energy and movement within each space, and consult and assist you to bring the essential elements for balance and harmony. Our ultimate aim is to create spaces that reflect your own personal style, interpreted in ways that promise endless pride and pleasure.

It is this philosophy that motivated us to establish our company back in 2007, and since then we have been pleasing clients with our stunning interior and exterior design concepts, superb style application and technique, and smooth execution and delivery of remodelling or refurbishing projects.

We are aesthetically, innovatively and professionally dedicated to the pursuit and practice of design, both interior and exterior,that truly excels. Although if your house does not express you, then you should come to us ‘Armonia’ , because we are the experts.

teamThe Armonia Design and Renovation team comprises seasoned professionals who combine talent, skill and years of hands-on experience using cutting-edge design and construction methods. The quality of our services comes as much from the expertise of the individuals as from the commitment shown by each member of the team. Everyone is dedicated to providing you with superior design capability and detail-oriented construction and installation, moreover your complete satisfaction is very important to us.

Our team specializes in offering the most creative solutions; designing and constructing unique, quality projects that set Armonia apart. We think beyond pure aesthetics and strive to create spaces that are also truly functional. Our goal is to not just meet your current requirements, but also your long-term needs. We offer smart solutions and we will inform you what is possible to be done.

Utilizing the latest software, we can produce concept layouts, floor plans, interior & exterior elevations, details, or photographic 3D renderings for almost any project. And of course you have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of materials.

Our design process creates beautiful, efficient solutions to fit within your budget, and from concept to completion you will receive a completely professional service from the whole team, to make your dreams become reality. We have to emphasize that our team are truly loyal on our work, and we will satisfy all your needs.

During an initial discussion we will identify your personal style, project goals, budget and timeframe. From there we put all our creative ability to use, and present a design plan, firm timetable and accurate costing for you to approve. In the end, if you still have some more ideas that you would like to apply we would not stop until you are completely satisfy.

Conceived by visionaries, undertaken by professionals.

To obtain the perfect result, you need to work with a company that can supply the complete range of services needed to undertake your project.
Armonia Design and Renovation can offer a comprehensive range of standalone or fully integrated services, depending on your requirements.



Our company undertakes the construction of entirely new individual houses, blocks of houses, commercial properties and industrial buildings. At the same time we undertake interventions, strengthening and extensions to existing structures according to current laws and regulations. By using reinforced concrete, metal or wooden structures achieve the best possible result which is a function of safety, economy and aesthetics.

An integral part of our work is to check your existing building and finding solutions tailored to your requirements. We are using specialized equipment to detect and repair any problems of your house, without undue interference and unnecessary costs.

Investment proposals

Our company provides advisory support and guidance for new investors who are interested to start business in our island. We guarantee secure and profitable investment, using our advice, our experience and knowledge of finance and legal factors of our island. Our company will prevent you from false investments, thereby ensuring the protection of your investment capital and prestige.


Armonia Design and Renovation can provide building owners or prospective building purchasers with an accurate building surveying assessment of the compliance status of a building, so that informed decisions can be made. Our building surveying service benefits property owners, occupiers and investors, helping them to understand, maintain, enhance and realize the value of their assets and built environment.


We will make your home look and feel special. We will create beautiful designs, and undertake the complete project of turning an outdated or unattractive room or entire building into the home that dreams are made of.


We specialize in the complete range of high-end interior-design services and decoration of commercial properties for financial organizations, companies, surgeries, restaurants and retail outlets. Our expertise includes space planning and implementation based on client needs, tastes and budget. Each project receives personal attention from our experienced designers and interior decorators.

Coordination and organization services

Our company undertakes to carry out the completion of your construction. We guarantee proper quality management, time and money, using our skills for the control of supervision, organization and coordination of the site. With the professionals that we have in our group, we guarantee smooth flow of works; we provide on-site engineering solutions and excellent result.


Our innovative designs for indoor and outdoor spaces will satisfy your need for aesthetics, safety and function, through the use of furniture placement, color palettes, décor and decorations. We will integrate elements such as artwork and statuary, lighting, window treatments, soft furnishings and floorings, so that they contribute to an overall look that matches your taste, lifestyle and personality.


We offer full electrical and mechanical design survey services. They including energy consultancy services, project management services, condition surveys, energy efficiency and usage, maintenance reports, and clerk of works duties (electrical and mechanical).

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